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1966 Corvette 3869942 Block
Buy: $5,500.00
Time Left: 19d 21h
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1967 Corvette Tri-power
Bid: $3,000.00 (0 Bid)
Time Left: 1d 12h
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1967 corvette center carb #3660
Buy: $225.00
Time Left: 3d 5h
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1968 Camaro Z28 MO Coded 302 Motor
Buy: $5,999.00
Time Left: 1d 3h
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327 3959512 Machined Block Corvette
Buy: $950.00
Time Left: 23d 3h
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1967 3904351 Short Block Dated K-1-6
Buy: $8,000.00
Time Left: 4d 22h
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1969 427-400hp coded Block
Buy: $3,500.00
Time Left: 3d 21h
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1968 chevy 427 435 hp block
Bid: $3,500.00 (0 Bid)
Time Left: 6d 13h
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1966 38669942 Block Dated C-30-6
Buy: $9,500.00
Time Left: 12d 18h
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1965 3855962 Block D-2-5
Buy: $6,500.00
Time Left: 20d 21h
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1969 corvette tri power 3659 8B1
Buy: $499.00
Time Left: 7d 22h
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1967 Corvette Speed Warning
Buy: $200.00
Time Left: 24d 2h
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